New York Conference

Exclusive screening of Dancing with the Papuans in New York City organized by the Papua New Guinea Tourism Board. Take a peek inside Mundiya and Marc hotel room as they prepare to hit the streets of New York City.

Language: English

by Marc Dozier
Images : Luc Marescot • Editing : Antoine Laugier
Duration : 10 minutes

Only in New York

Meet Mundiya and I in New York !

Join Papua New Guinea Tourism Board for an exclusive screening of Dancing with the Papuans documentary, a film chronicling the incredible blend of two worlds united by their shared passion for dance, culture and feathers. At the invitation of Mundiya Kepanga (a Huli Wigman from the highlands of Papua New Guinea), Dancing with the Papuans tells the true story of three French Cabaret dancers who journey to Papua New Guinea for a unique mission : to join Mundiya’s village as they compete in the country’s largest tribal gathering using the feather-clad women as the tribe’s “secret weapon”.

After the film screening, guests will enjoy an engaging Q&A with Huli Wigman Mundiya Kepanga and French filmmaker Marc Dozier on making the film and Mundiya’s first time to America.

Hors d’oeuvres, beer & wine and PNG jungle juice will be served compliments of PNG Tourism.
More informations :!film-screening/c10nu


Email Ally Stoltz to RSVP :

Thursday, June 12th @ Drift Studios • 6pm-8pm
508 West 26th Street, #4A, New York

Doors Open at 530pm
Cocktail Reception 6pm-7pm
Film Screening 7pm-8pm

Special Offer Rituals book

My publisher is destocking one of my books: Rituals , Ed. Glénat, 37,2 x 29,2 cm, 190 pages. A very nice book

As some of you told me they were perhaps interested in getting a book of mine, I am now able to offer you the special rate of 24 euros (around 30 euros outside France but i need to check where you leave and the post cost !), including the shipping cost. This “coffee table” type of book was originally sold 45 euros in book stores.

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Books ordered can be signed by myself and Franck Charton.

Through a selection of images signed myself, Franck Charton and Jean-Baptiste Rabouan, this large book testifies to the extraordinary variety of traditional practices indispensable to the balance of communities still closely linked to the rhythms of nature. Himba fertility dances, Tibetan divination, voodoo trance, Papuan peace ceremonies or shamanic healings, Indian rituals … all depict the aspirations and human questioning about the world around them. The photographs are enlightened by the texts of Françoise Gründ, well known author, who holds a PHd in scenology.


Photo Journey in PNG

Exceptionally, Marc Dozier is inviting you to share a photographic journey in Papua New Guinea between the 30th of July 20 August 2013. Concocted by the tour operator Philip Gigliotti, the specialist in Papua New Guinea, the journey equally propose to meet Papuans and practice photography. Every opportunity will be good to learn how to analyze the light, master the techniques and tricks of professional while giving you the benefit of Marc’s friendship with the Papuans., To discover the detailed travel program, please visit: Program and information: + 33 (0) 4 58 00 13 26


Danse with the Papuan on France 5

January 1, 2013 at 15h, France 5 diffuse ‘Dancing with the Papuans’ the 52-minute documentary produced by One Planet and co-signed by Jean-Marie Barrere and Marc Dozier which traces the incredible journey of three dancers Lido Papua New Guinea. Note: the film will also be broadcast on an old sheet in August in the village of Kobe Dumbiali in Papua New Guinea … Travel Advisory!

Corto Maltese in PNG

In its December 2012 issue dedicated to travelers hero comics, French magazine Grands Reportages publish an article of 14 pages on ​​the footsteps of Corto Maltese in Papua New Guinea. With his inimitable drawing style, Hugo Pratt  gave birth to his cult character Corto Maltese in Papua New Guinea in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. This first adventure, The Ballad of the Salt Sea, is now considered a founding work of modern comics.

The magazine also devotes a report Tintin Peru, Blake and Mortimer Greece, Blueberry Arizona and Jonathan Himalayas. A special issue to discover in all good newsagents from 1st December 2010.


PNG Exhibition • Rouen

From April 15 to September 30, 2012, the Museum of Rouen organizes the exhibition “Land of feather men” who gather my last photographs of the art of adornment in Papua New Guinea. On the occasion of this exhibition, Mundiya Kepanga (the famous Papuan hero of the documentary The Reverse Exploration) is present in Europe to be officially donated to the museum a complete set of ornaments worn by men of the tribe of Huli. During this trip, Mundeya Kepanga attend numerous meetings and present the film The Reverse Exploration which recounts his adventures and those of her cousin Polobi across France. Full program and information 02 35 71 41 50.

Mundiya’s memoirs published

Written with the help of his French accomplice Marc Dozier, the book ‘In the land of white men’ signed by Mundiya Kepanga unveils a fresh look, full of humor and philosophy on the Western world. After more than ten years of extensive travelling in France, Belgium and Swizerland, Mundiya offer us his memories of a Papuan in Europe. A trucculent small book that can only be ordered directly online on this site in the shop section.


Fnac Book signing

Proud as a peacock with his feather headdress, Mundeya folds happy to sign autographs at Fnac Nantes in Brittany. In front of a stack of books’ The tribe of French ‘, he says to all those who hand him a book:’ Once, I found this ridiculous habit of writing his name on the books. But now, I find it very convenient because I always leave my phone number when it’s a girl … ‘Photo: © Jean Sébastien Evrard

Papua New Guinea book publication

Now available : “Papua New Guinea” (21 cm x 16 cm – 64 pages) published by Riverboom publishing ! Stewed snake men crocodile skin and quirky birds … With its earthy image series, this book presents in almost 300 photos, modern and comical portrait of the Papua New Guinea. A stunning visual journey to better understand and explore the identity of the most fascinating countries in Oceania. A beautiful little book that can only be ordered directly online in the shop section.


Ambelam tribe article

In its 2010 December issue, french magazine Grands Reportages publish a story of 14 pages on the famous Abelams tribe of Papua New Guinea. Facing a huge change since the beginning of 21st century, this community has elevated yam cultivation to a sacred art. A ritual which is the cornerstone of a spiritual and artistic among the most fascinating Oceania exchange culture. To discover in all (good) newsstands!


PNG special issue

In its issue of March 2010, the magazine publishes Great News file 40 pages I realized on Papua. An invitation to discover Port Moresby, the capital, Valley Simbai and houses spirits Sepik River. Gift, the numbers are sold on newsstands with a DVD containing the documentary ‘The exploration inverted’ traces the journey of two friends France Papuans Mundeya and Polobi.

Grands Reportages publication

Invited by our reporter, Marc Dozier, two Papuans – Polobi Palia et Mundeya Kepanga – travelled through France during four months. In a way similar to French writer Montesquieu’s Persian Letters, they have an inquisitive, full of wisdom and humour glimpse into our world and its contradictions. A great expedition related in a documentary scheduled for broadcasting in January on the Canal+ channel.

Papuans in VSD

French magazine VSD is publishing an article about the amazing trip of two Papuan born, Polobi Palia and Mundeya Kepanga, have come in order to observe a bizarre tribe: the French. VSD N°1583 – 7 pages – Text and pictures: Marc Dozier