The long-long voyage



The “long – long” trip : this is the incredible journey in France of three explorers from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Polobi, Mundiya and Mondo. From the depth of the Paris metro to the top of the Eiffel Tower, from the spray of the Mediterranean to the snowy slopes of the Alps .. They wanted to see everything, taste everything, experience everything! As real explorers, they even tried some of the most unexpected customs: drive tractors, disco mix and as much as possible, kiss girls on the mouth! In the manner of Montesquieu’s Persian Letters, they pose a cleaner look, full of humor and philosophy about western world, its rules, its excesses and contradictions. Through this truculent book travel, Marc Dozier reflects this delicious exploration upside to discover the land of white men.

Hardcover: 195 pages
Publisher: Editions Dakota (March 22, 2007)
Language: French
ISBN-10: 2846401918
ISBN-13: 978-2846401913


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