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PNG special issue

In its issue of March 2010, the magazine publishes Great News file 40 pages I realized on Papua. An invitation to discover Port Moresby, the capital, Valley Simbai and houses spirits Sepik River. Gift, the numbers are sold on newsstands with a DVD containing the documentary ‘The exploration inverted’ traces the journey of two friends France Papuans Mundeya and Polobi.

Conference tour

Mundiya will be on a conference tour from 4th june to 7th september. Check the seats here.

French trib Out !

Suggestions from November 20 in all good bookshops ‘Tribe French’, the new story Image adventures of our friends in France Papuans. Picking the best images of the first game, this volume of 288 pages is primarily composed of stories and unseen footage

Official success

Sir Michael Somare Thomas seen as the ‘Father of Papua New Guinea’, political key figure of the country, presents the book ‘The long-long voyage’ (Marc Dozier – Dakota publishing) during the first cultural festival held in Palembe Middle Sepik village.

Grands Reportages publication

Invited by our reporter, Marc Dozier, two Papuans – Polobi Palia et Mundeya Kepanga – travelled through France during four months. In a way similar to French writer Montesquieu’s Persian Letters, they have an inquisitive, full of wisdom and humour glimpse into our world and its contradictions. A great expedition related in a documentary scheduled for broadcasting in January on the Canal+ channel.

The reversed exploration on Canal +

The 7th of January 2008 at 8:50pm the famous French television, Canal+ broadcasts ‘the reverse exploration’ the 100 minutes documentary produced by Bonne Pioche and co-authored by Jean-Marie Barrère and Marc Dozier which relates the incredible Tour of France by two Papuans, Polobi and Mundeya. It is worth noting that the movie will also be broadcasted-without encryption- on a ragged sheet in august in the little Kobe Dumbiali village In Papua-New Guinea !

Papuans in VSD

French magazine VSD is publishing an article about the amazing trip of two Papuan born, Polobi Palia and Mundeya Kepanga, have come in order to observe a bizarre tribe: the French. VSD N°1583 – 7 pages – Text and pictures: Marc Dozier

Forbidden lands Special issue

The French magazine Grands Reportages, devotes a special issue to the most beautiful ‘Forgotten lands’ published in the magazine for the last five years. A good opportunity to read (or read again) my report on New-Ireland (in Papua New-Guinea) with previously unpublished pictures. Available in all -good- newsstands !

Two Papuans in Le Monde !

The famous French newspaper ‘Le Monde’ publishes today a report on Polobi and Mundeya’s adventures. The French journalist, Annick Cojean, relates with much accuracy their impression after their second long trip in France. Despite being annoyed by the impossibility to take back home all the presents they were offered, the travellers -as sulky as they felt- agreed to give their point of view on the weird French tribe.


Book release

Available today in all French libraries: the book ‘The Long Long voyage’ which relates, in pictures, the first travel in France of our Papuan friends. In a way similar to French writer Montesquieu’s Persian Letters, they have a funny and philosophical glimpse into our world and its contradictions. Unidentified book, this piece is available in all the good bookstores. You can also buy it on this website (go to the Shop section), on or

Exhition at Postal Museum • Paris

A great exhibit at the Museum de la Poste in Paris relates the surprising journey of our three friends Polobi, Mundeya and Philip KC in France. A funny travel book displaying their rather mad and initiatory voyage (‘Longlong’ in Papuan)

Musée de la Poste – 34, boulevard de Vaugirard – 75015 Paris – Contact : 01 42 79 24 24 – Saturday the 14th of January at 3pm: Conference with Marc Dozier in the auditorium of the Musée de La Poste (free entry).

Figaro’s publication

Major French weekly magazine Le Figaro publishes today a report on Polobi, Mundeya and Philip KC’s journey in France. The magazine devotes five pages to the three explorers’ adventures. A caustic tale of a an incomparable and unique initiatory voyage during their discovery of France. For sale in your local newsstand during one week.

Hair cut !

Polobi and Mundeya visited their friend, Looping, owner of the Zen Coiffure hairdressing in Grenoble (France). The France 3 local team shot a two minutes long story on this meeting. The report is scheduled for 7:55 pm tonight.